Name of the course: Information Technology (IT )


  • In today’s Hi-Tech world, the objective of this course of Bsc(IT) is to make students capable of thinking logically and then designing and developing application softwares/Web Sites etc. This is a fully practical oriented course which develops their innovative skills and gives them logical vision.
  • With subjects like microcontrollers/microprocessors,embedded systems, Advanced SQL, Software Testing, Linux, Advanced Java, ASP.Net with C#, Network Security etc now this course is at par with any Engineering course and is of great demand to employers.


  • This is achieved through regular practical workshops/Seminars through which the students get hands on practice. Also all the lectures are delivered with over head projectors where every concept is demonstrated practically.

We have highly qualified and supportive faculty, in-house as well as visiting. The placements have also been excellent in recent years.