Prodigy - Intra Collegiate Academic Fest

Students of BAF and BBI took the initiative to organise an academic fest "PRODIGY", which was held on 6th August, 2013. Mrs. Archana Bhingarde inaugrated the fest at 9:30 am, which was followed by a seminar, where she spoke about financial planning and investment, which was very informative to the students. After the seminar the day started with the following events.

First was debate with four teams comprising of four members in each. The debate were related to financial topics. This was followed by the hint game, which had two members in each team, the game was based on words related to finance. Then there was a quiz game, where 3 member teams had to guess certain symbols of logos and brands. The closing ceremony was held on 10th August, where all the participants and the winners were rewarded with certificates. All the heads of various departments of the organising committee were also given certificates for their excellent work. the day was full of knowledge and excitement. All students have memories of PRODIGY 2013, to be cherished forever. !!!!