Education is an un-ending and ongoing process. One has to keep the mind within humanity to learn. Great Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

To me the very purpose of quality education is character building. Children are malleable, who can be shaped into persons of excellence by their teachers and institution. As responsible Faculties, we have to be exemplary to our students if we want them to be assets to the society and the nation. I feel it is important for every student to enjoy a sense of achievement.

Every student should be encouraged to perform to the fullest ability and due importance should be given to learning in areas beyond academics. An institution should be a living place that shapes student’s lives and builds their character.

Therefore to assess the institution’s performance only by its high academic scores is not sufficient, it is equally important for a College to be a place for the students to cultivate and develop overall personality of the students and sound value system.

Keeping this very objective in mind self financed department of the college clearly focuses and balances on academics and extra curricular activities. Every department under self financed courses encourages students to hold their cultural and academic fest and organizes lots of seminars and workshops to bridge the gap between institution and industry.

The means to achieve these things are our efficient teaching staff, who works as the inspiring force. All the teachers are well highly educated, up growing, dedicated and motivated. Lets therefore remember that:

Name Dr. Arora Neelam Yashpal
Designation Principal
Qualification M.COM. , M.PHIL., P.HD
Name Bhide Vidya Vijay
Designation Vice Principal (Senior College)
Qualification M.SC.

Name of the Senior College Faculty

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Dr. Neelam Yashpal Arora M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., L.L.B. Commerce Principal
2 Ms. Renuka Gulshan Mehra M.A. Foundation Course Asso. Prof.
3 Ms. Vidya Vijay Bhide M.Sc. Computer Asso. Prof.
4 Dr. Mohana Eknath Bandkar M.A. , NET, Ph.D Economics Asst. Prof.
5 Dr. Purnima Vijay Sharma M.Com., B.Ed., Ph.D Commerce Asst.Prof.
6 Dr. Jaydev Hanumantappa Kadli B.SC., BL.ISC, MLISC, SET & Ph.D. Librarian
7 Ms. Munmy Chhetry Baruah M.A.(Eng), M. Phil., SET, DIJM Bus. Comm/English Asst. Prof.
8 Ms. Mahalakshmi Kumar M.Com., I.C.W.A., B.Ed. SET Accountancy Asst. Prof.
9 Dr.Suryakant Vishwanath Lasune M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDFM, MBA Commerce Asst. Prof.
10 Dr.Vinaykumar Nathalal. Pandit M.Sc, SET, Ph.D, MHRDM, PGDOR Mathematical & Statistical Techniques Asst. Prof.
11 Ms. Kranti Madhukar. Ukey M.SC.( Environmental Science), NET & SET Environmental Studies Asst. Prof.
12 Mr. Darshan Laxman Pagdhare M.Com, PGDFM, PGDIM, SET Accountancy Asst. Prof.
13 Mr. Nimesh. Gordhan Punjani M.Sc(Mathematics), NET Computer Asst. Prof.
14 Dr. Divya Neeraj Nigam M.A., Ph.D. Economics Asst. Prof.
15 Mr. Ashok Vasant Mahadik M.Com., M.Phil., NET PGDFM Accountancy Asst. Prof.
16 Ms. Vishakha Krishnapal Walia Msc., B.Ed., NET(JRF) Mathematical & Statistical Techniques Asst. Prof.

Course Co-ordinator for Add-on-Vocational Courses

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Prof. Rahul Shetty Mcom( BusinessManagement) , SET( Commerce) , Adv.Diploma in Taxation Procedures & Practices. Commerce Chief Co- ordinator

Name of Self Financing Courses Faculty

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Dr. Arun S. Poojari M.Com, M.Phil, PGDMM, DCM, P.hD. Marketing Management, Service Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management Vice Principal & BMS Co-coordinator.

BMS Department

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 CA Priti A. Parikh M com, CA Corporate Finance, Corporate Restructuring, Direct & Indirect Taxes, IAPM, Special Studies in Finance Co-coordinator
2 Prof. Mona Thakkar - Pandya M.Com, M.Phil, PGDFT, NET Foundation of Human Skills, Business Environment, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Advertising, IMC Asst. Professor

Name of the Visiting Faculty BMS

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Dr. Vinay Pandit Msc. MBA, PGDOR, SET, PhD -- --
2 Prof. Linnet Lewis M.Com, PGDHRM Foundation Course, Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Management --
3 Prof. Kalpesh Desai Diploma In Electrical Engineering, B.Com, Diploma In Management Studies Basics of Financial Services, Risk Management --
4 Prof. Kea Thawani CA, B.Com (Hons.) Business Law, Industrial Law --
5 Prof. Nikita Sankleja CA, M.Com Introduction to Financial Accounts --
6 Prof. Milonee Shah MBA, M.Com (Management) E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Management, Rural Marketing --
7 Prof. Janaki Annamaraj M.A, M.Phil (Economics) Economics --
8 Prof. Munawar Patankar MCA, ACEP Information Technology in Business Management (Computer related subjects) --

Co-Ordinator: IT

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Prof. Nidhi Singh MCA, B.E -- Co-Ordinator
2 Prof. Sunera Lulaniya BE -- Co-Ordinator

Co-Ordinator: CS

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Prof. Famida Sheikh MSc (Stats) from University of Mumbai -- Co-Ordinator
2 Ms. Jayshri Ingale MSc (Stats) from University of Mumbai -- --

Name of the Visiting Faculty IT

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Prof. Ahtesham Shaikh MCA, MBA -- --
2 Prof. Sabir Shaikh M.B.A (I.S), B.Sc ( I.T ) -- --

Name of the Visiting Faculty CS

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Mr. Chirag Kamani B E -- --
2 Mr. Narendra Maurya M.Sc (Computer Science) -- --
3 Ms. Ashwini Katkar M.Sc (Computer Science), B.Ed -- --
4 Mr. Krunal Mistry M.Sc.(Computer Science) -- --
5 Prof. Shaziya Shaikh M.Sc (Computer Science) -- --

Co-Ordinator: BBI

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Dr. Vaidehi V. Kamath M.Com., MBA, NET, SET, M.Phil., Ph.D -- Co-Ordinator

Visiting Faculties of BBI Department

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Mr. Siddiqui Shaikh M.Com -- --
2 Ms. Rachana Thakker MA, B.Ed -- --
3 Ms. Shaziya Shaikh M. Sc -- --
4 Ms. Feroza Bhathena M.Com., CAIIB, PGDBA-Fin -- --
5 Ms. Sangeeta Mehta B.Com., M.Phil., LLM -- --
6 Ms. Munavar Patankar MCA, ACEP, PGDC -- --
7 Mr. Darshan Pagdhare M.Com., PGDFM, PGDIM, SET -- --
8 Ms. Linnet Lewis M.Com., PGDHRM -- --
9 Mr. Bharat Nadkarni MBA -- --
10 Ms. Janaki Anamraj MA, M.Phil -- --
11 Ms. Vijaya Gangal M.Com., M.Phil -- --
12 Ms. Priti Parikh M.Com., CA -- --
13 Mr. Ashok Mahadik M.Com. M.Phil., PGDFM, NET, SET -- --
14 Dr. Minum Saksena M. A, B. Ed, Ph.D -- --

Name of the Coordinator – BMM Department

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Prof. Sangeeta Makkad MAJC, MSW, SET, PGDAPR, PGDGC, PGCFM -- --

Co-ordinator : BAF

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Dr Minum Saksena M.A, B.ed, P.hd -- Co-Ordinator

Visiting Faculties

S.No.PhotoFaculty NameQualificationSubjectDesignation
1 Ms. Janaki Anamraj M.A,M.Phil -- --
2 Mr. Darshan Pagdhare M.Com, Set -- --
3 Mr. Priti. A. Parikh CA -- --
4 Mr. Munawar Pathankar -- -- --
5 Ms. Rita Rao B.ed, MBA -- --
6 Ms. Vijaya Gangal M.Com., M.Phil -- --
7 Dr Vaidehi Kamath ,M.Phil, MBA, NET, SET,P.hd -- --
8 Mr. Ashok Mahadik, M.Phil, NET -- --
9 Ms. Sangeeta Mehta, LLB, M.Phil -- --
10 Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Siddique -- --