UC Berkeley Summer School Programe

Lala Lajpat Rai College is committed to the holistic development of all our students. Our management strongly subscribes to the view that all of us are born students, and each person with whom we interact, each situation we come across, is a source of learning that adds to our existing body of knowledge.

In our journey of education & learning, formal institutions like schools & colleges play a major part in moulding and shaping students’thought processes & helping students developtheir morals, values and attitudes, along with their formal educational knowledge & skill-sets.

Keeping in mind the need forthe overall development of our students,our management has taken several steps,one of them being offering students the opportunity to attend summer school at the University of California, Berkeley. Mr.Aditya S. Gupta, son of our Trustee Dr. Sunil Gupta,worked with UC Berkeley to set up an annual summer school programme for our college students to experience taking courses at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Aditya beingan alumnus of UC Berkeleyhimselfwas eager to set this initiative up and worked with employees of our college, our students and UC Berkeley to initiate this programme.

Today many of our students attend this programme every year and hugely benefit from this great learning opportunity, all of them returning with an abundance of new knowledge and great experiences.