Nature Club

Nature Club- GAARVA was formed in the academic year 2009-10 to create awareness about Environment Protection among the students. It is registered with World Wide Fund (WWF), For Nature- India, and is a part of Nature Club's of India (NCI) Movement. The basic objective of forming the Nature Club in our Institute is to call students for action against the Environment Degradation and to make them aware of their responsibilities to safeguard the Environment through various activities. Every year twenty student members are enrolled in the Nature Club- GAARVA. These student members participate in various activities in college and activities organized by WWF- India. 

Following are the activities undertaken by the Nature Club:

>> Seminar on Electronic Waste.

>> Nature Trail

>> World Sparrow Day

>> Save Fuel Campaign

>> Energy Conservation Awareness

>> Paper Bag making and Distribution.

>> Installation of Electronic Waste Bin.

>> Installation of Sparrow Shelter.

>> Poster Exhibition.

>> Earth Hour.

>> Poster Making Competition.

>> Eco- Friendly Ganesha Project.

>> Beach Clean-up.

>> Trekking to Kanheri Caves.

>> Panda Festival.