Think Tank


Think Tank Committee has been constituted in the college to set up new goals of achievement, to come up with innovative ideas concerning overall growth of the college in all dimensions, to initiate changes necessary for further progress and to find ways of overcoming obstacles that come our way is achieving the set goals.  It works mainly by way of making suggestions to Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in relation to –

  1. Quality Improvement in the college development.
  2. Improvement in Students’ Examination Results.
  3. Improvement in Students’ Participation in various academic, cultural, social activities in order to have overall personality development of students.

  Following are the committee members

Prof. V.V. Bhide (Convenor)
Dr. Arun Pujari
Dr. J.H. Kadli
Dr. S.V. Lasune
Dr. Vinay Pandit