Best Practice 1

Title of the Practice : College Health Centre for students and staff

Objectives :

Every healthy and good initiative practiced be it inside the classroom or outside it can be termed as best practices. Among the various best practices, we have two distinctive ones. They are:

  1. To cater to the health benefits for students and staff (teaching and non-teaching)

  2. To provide health care and medical consultancies to the teaching and non teaching fraternity along with the student community of the college free of cost.

  3. To provide a platform where health issues can be easily addressed in time without incurring any cost and other physical restrictions

    • The above quoted/mentioned programme aims at providing in time medical facilities and consultancy required for students and staff

    • Many a time our staff and students due to their packing & working schedule round the clock and sometimes due to the poor socio-economic background they keep on postponing the visit to the physician to address their health and other medical issues.

    • Under such circumstances our College Health Centre comes to a handy use where all our students and staff can visit the in-house health centre without wasting time and at zero cost

    • The preliminary diagnosis and consultancy is provided herein itself. In case, the health a medical issue requires more a serious attention then it/case is referred to the bigger hospital and specialist.

Context :

Our College (Lala Lajpatrai College) is situated in the South Mumbai region which is a hub of uptown greater commute Mumbai. Proth students and staff commute from far off places (the suburban towns of Mumbai city) to report to college in time. The daily commuting and travel for work and education leaves no time for themselves apart from taking toll in healths. In such situation, a place like College Health Centre comes as a savior that saves both time and pretty healthy issues from getting complicated due to timely intervention of Health Care Centre and its physician. This health centre has been actively cattering to the health care and medical needs of our students and staff ever since our college was incepted.

In a city like Mumbai where half of one’s time is spent in commuting for work and education there this Health Centre comes as an apt platform that provides the required support and facilities to address various health issues well in time.

The Practice :

  • The college has a small Health Centre that is located in the mezzanine floor of the college. Dr. Komal Jatania, the General Physician looks after it as its Resident Doctor.

  • Dr. Komal Jatania is present in the College Health Centre on every Thursday to attend to the medical need of our staff and students.

Evidence of Success :

  • The practice of Health Centre has proved to be a great success in itself apart from being of paramount importance.

  • In last five years (2015-2016 to 2019-2020) starting from Trustees to Teachers, Now Teaching staff to Students all have availed the Health Centre Services and its benefits from time to time.

  • Due to timely consultation of medical practitioners many an ailments have been awaited right in time which could have been proved to be fatal in later years.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

  • Infrastructure limitation. Due to lack of space we are not able to provide the space to the health centre for the regular running and maintenance.

  • Clash of timing between the visiting Doctor’s visiting hours and staff’s timing (work timing).

Resources Required :

  • A full time Medical Offer/Resident doctor who will be around atleast half a day everyday so that all can avail the facility without much hassle.

Best Practice 2

Title of the Practice : Rain Water Harvesting in the college that benefits the nearby and local communities

Objectives :

  • At the rate the ground water is getting depleted the rain water harvesting is a necessity of the day.

  • To share our bit of responsibility towards the conservation of water and accountability towards conserving environment. We, at Lala Lajpatrai College have started Rain Water Harvesting this/last year in 20

  • This Rain Water Harvesting was incepted in our college with an objective to save the rain water from being getting wasted so that the demand for water can be met through the ground water.

  • This rain water harvesting was also intended for the rain water harvestable from the roof and the maneuvering yard of the College premises.

Context :

  • Mumbai is an Island City surrounded by water bodies all around – the water which can not be used for drinking. Mumbai being a financial capital of the Country is overcrowded with population. To meet the demand of a water Mumbai’s water supply comes from seven lakes spread across called Modak Sagar, Tansa Lake, Vehar Lake, Tulsi Lake, Upper Vaitarna, Bhusta and Middle Vaitarna. These lakes too in return are dependent on monsoon rains. Every time the Lake’s water level deeped down people in Mumbai has to face water crisis.

  • To take lessons from such crisis and also to show our responsibilities towards environment. We at Lala Lajpatrai College have incepted Rain Water Harvesting that will benefit our neighborhood who can utilize the ground water through boring pumps and taps as well.

The Practice :

  • On 13/12/2018 Rain Water Harvesting work was initiated in our college backyard that included Rain Water Harvesting filtration unit below ground with excavation, filter material, perforated media for water percolation, protecting brickwork with covering material and Sign Board etc.

  • A PVC pipe 6” dia is put underground facilitate rain water’s collecting and movement for harvesting.

  • Pipe protection Net too has been put up for the protection and sustenance of water drain pipes.

  • The underground tank has the capacity of 208000 liters water for storage.

Evidence of Success :

With the available rainwater of 4347000 liters during monsoon where the water requirement for 3200 people for various purposes is 208000 there everyday 208000 liters can be fulfilled by Rainwater Harvesting alone for flush water.

Best Practice 3

College open merit scholarship is given to meritorious students by the College Trust. During the academic year 2018-2019 04 students were given freeship for the whole year. Their tuition fees for S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. was waived off.