Bachelor of Management Studies (B. M. S.)

1. Name of the course - Bachelor of Management Studies

Why this course?


Use of this course in the industry and any other area.

Department: BMS

BMS or Bachelor in Management Studies replaced three courses i.e. Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Business Economics and Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis.

BMS, like the three courses it replaced, is a course that will attract thousands of students who wish to go beyond theoretical education. It is a three-year degree course, with six semesters, managed by a full-time and visiting faculty drawn from the Industrial and Service sectors.• The College is committed to providing in-depth training using the latest equipment in computers, practical experience, industrial visits and summer placements, wherever possible

Semester System and its System of Continuous Internal Evaluation to its students which will help the College to upgrade the quality of its education and create middle cadre management personnel.


  • To provide comprehensive management training to students by way of interactions,projects,presentations,industrial visits,practical training,job orientations and placements.
  • To create additional avenues of self employment and to benefit industry by providing them with suitability trained person in the field of management and finance.
  • To provide adequate basic understanding about management and finance education to the students.
  • To provide adequate exposure to the operational environment and to inculcate training and practical approach by using modern technology in the field of management and finance.


  1. Outstanding job placement rates and internship opportunities
    • Internship opportunities with companies add valuable learning experiences and increase your competitiveness in the job market.
  2. Our faculty are experts.
    • Professors in the department possess a wide array of expertise and teach management courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as executive and professional development programs.
  3. Our student organizations provide connections to management professionals and real-world management experiences.
    • Bring professional speakers on campus to give advice.
    • Provide networking opportunities with professionals.
    • Coordinate company and site visits
  4. Our students get theoretical as well as practical knowledge in their courses when they go for field trip.
    • For finance visit to BSE, RBI etc. arranged and they play finance games like stock mock and port folio construction.
    • For marketing and management they are sent to attend lectures of marketing Gurus and Experts at for example IMC Churchgate.
    • For management they celebrate on entire BMS week in the academic year loaded with lectures, games, debates on management.
    • For Export and Import procedures they are taken every year to JNPT Port visit.

2. When did Lala college start BMS?

  • in the year 1999.
  • 3 divisions in all for FY,SY and TY.
  • Approx 180-200 students every year.

Last six semester subject

First Year - Semester I

  • Foundations of Human Skills
  • Introduction to Financial Accounts
  • Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Introduction to Computers

First Year - Semester II

  • Business Environment
  • Industrial Law
  • Computer Applications in Business
  • Managerial Economics – I
  • Business Mathematics
  • Introduction to Cost Accounting
  • Environmental Management

Secont Year - Semester III

  • Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics II
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Aspects in Banking & Insurance
  • Production Management and Materials Management
  • Strategic Management

Secont Year - Semester IV

  • Productivity & Quality Management
  • Direct and Indirect Taxes
  • Export Import Procedures & Documentation
  • Cooperatives and Rural Markets
  • Research Methods in Business
  • Public Relations Management

Third Year - Semester V

  • Human Resource Management
  • Service Sector Management
  • Financial Management
  • Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Elective I : Special Studies in Marketing / Special Studies in Finance / E-Commerce
  • Project Work

Third Year - Semester VI

  • Entrepreneurship and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Operations research
  • International Finance
  • Indian Management - Thought and Practices
  • International Marketing