From: 12-09-2018 To: 14-09-2018


PRODIGY is an academic intra collegiate  fest initiated by   BAF(B.Com  in Accounting and Finance ) department of our college .It is usually organised in the month of August .It is two days academic fest .From its modest beginnings in 2012 ,Prodigy is organised every year .Prodigy usually features various academic events .The main objective of this fest is to inculcate the leadership skills ,managerial skills and organizational skill in the students of Third year and also through this fest we try to connect academia with industry where students get good opportunity to receive the practical knowledge of experts from industry and provide the atmosphere to work with unity and can  interact with all FY SY and TY.  The aim of designing all events is to develop the knowledge in the area of finance through the participation in these   events

 First day there is inauguration ceremony in which renowned personality is being invited to share the knowledge on Finance related topic followed by the various academic events like –

Debate – various teams from the department of   BAF, BBI and BFM participate in debate competition. Every year core committee of   Prodigy select new current topic related to Finance area.

Quiz – Core committee device very good quiz program   through computer software on the area of Indian economy and finance related area.

Hint game- which have   two members in each team, the game was based on words related to finance.

Second day –Department invites experts from industry related to finance to share their practical knowledge with the students and make them aware about the environment and  requirement of the industry so that students could develop all skills required for industry and easily can be placed in the present highly competitive age followed by few events –

Stock market- This game is designed by the core committee members of S.Y and TY keeping in mind to inculcate the knowledge of stock market in the new FY students

Besides these, few events are organised to develop the concept of learning with fun like Minute to win it and surprize event. Experts from all these fields   are invited to judge the events.

The closing ceremony is also organized, where all the participants and the winners were awarded with certificates and prizes. All the heads of various departments of the organising committee were also given certificates for their excellent work. Over all students really enjoy for being   the part of the fest under the guidance of BAF coordinator Dr Minum Saksena.