Student Council

Students Council is formed under the University Act of 1995,where all the Meritorious students who have got highest percentage in Academic can enroll. These highest achievers in Academics (students) are entitled for 10 grace marks from University of Mumbai. Students Council is the highest body of college comprising of Principal who is the Chairman and Two Senior Prof-in-charge . There is a Cultural Committee which runs under Students Council . Students are explored with their potentials with all Cultural Activities like Music,Dance, Theatre, Elocution,Debate and more Art Activities .All Performing Art Students are given benefit to take part Nationally, Internationally and at State level for all the competitions organized by all Top Colleges and University of Mumbai.

As per Maharashtra University Act 1994, the Student Council was formed and the selected students were given the following portfolios.


  • General Secretary                                :         Mr. Pranav Shedge
  • Ladies Representative                         :         Ms. Anvita Kadam.
  • DLLE Representative                           :         Mr. Mukesh Suresh Acharya
  • Gymkhana Representative                :         Mr. Rupesh Mistry.
  • NSS Representative                            :         Mr. Vatsal Waghela
  • T.Y.B.Com Class Representative        :         Mr. Rohit Devendra
  • S.Y.B.Com Class Representative        :         Ms. Payal Shettighar
  • F.Y.B.Com Class Representative         :        Ms. Priyanka Gaonkar