Procedures And Policies

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The college continuously strives to upgrade and maintain college infrastructure and equipment’s. All equipment maintenance is covered under annual maintenance Contract. These equipments include computers, printers, air conditioners, water coolers, telephones, software etc. The maintenance work is carried out by experts in the field. In addition to external experts, the college also has full electrician, laboratory assistant who look after the day to maintenance. A full time housekeeping staff is deputed in the college to look after the cleanliness and hygiene in the college.

A full time staff is appointed to look after the upkeep of the infrastructure and equipment. In case any equipment like computers, printer, cooler, lights etc. are not working the user will make a formal complaint in writing giving details of the fault to the principal. The principal will then direct the caretaking staff member to contact the technical staff to look into the faults. The technical staff will submit a detailed report of the fault. A quotation is submitted for replacement of part. The principal then forwards the quotation to the management for sanction. Once the quotation is sanctioned the technical staff is informed either in writing or orally to proceed with the repairing work. Once the work is completed the full time staff will inspect the work done and inform the principal about the completion of the work. The bill is raised and the same is forwarded to the accounts department for issue of cheque to the service provider.

Annual maintenance contracts are made for the software used in the library. The proper lighting and ventilation is done near book shelves as well as reading hall. Regular dusting and cleaning is done by using vacuum cleaners. Pest control is carried out to increase the life of resources in library. Furniture and fixtures are repaired as per the requirement. The weeding committee for library is set up to weed out books which are out of syllabus, fragile in condition or with poor content.

As regarding utilization of facilities every classroom in the college is fitted with projectors. The college has an auditorium and a seminar hall and conference room, A large number of college programs are held there. Professors who wish to use the seminar hall and conference room have to give a requisition letter giving the details of the program, date time etc. Based on the requisition the same is sanctioned by the principal. As regarding auditorium the staff members have to fill up the requisition form available in the office. The details of the program along with date and time are to be mentioned in the form. The form also contains the rules and regulation about the manner in which the auditorium is to be used. After the program is concluded the professor submits a report of the same to the principal.